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[request_ebook] Burning Time

作者: Glass, Leslie

日期: 7/1/1995

ISBN: 978-0553561722

页数: 464

出版社: Bantam

标签: 侦探小说

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With the same intensity as Silence of the Lambs, Glass' thriller thrusts the reader into the terrifying world of the psychopathic killer. A young college girl is brutally burned, tortured, and left to die in the California desert. Thousands of miles away, beautiful actress Emma Chapman stars in a steamy art movie and suddenly begins receiving fan mail from someone who has an unnerving knowledge of her past. NYPD detective April Woo is assigned the case when Emma's husband decides the letters have taken on a menacing tone. Woo doesn't think Emma's in danger until she inadvertently finds a tenuous connection with the California murder. Then Woo realizes she's dealing with a sicko pyromaniac who's targeted Emma as his next victim. There's a heart-stopping, eye-popping race to see if Woo can outwit the killer before he ends Emma's life, and for just a few seconds, Glass stuns her white-knuckled readers into almost believing the good guys may not win. Glass is a masterly storyteller who combines a high-intensity plot with an engaging, attractive heroine whose personal predicaments lend a bit of welcome relief to the relentlessness of the hunt for the psycho. Emily Melton --

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