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[share_ebook] The Collection Of 90 Don Pendleton Novels

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share_ebook The Collection Of 90 Don Pendleton Novels


The Collection Of 90 Don Pendleton Novels

English | Publisher: Don Pendleton | ISBN: N/a | MP3 96Kbps | 17.14 GB

Wiped out a century ago in India, the ancient Cult of Kali has been reborn. Organized, well funded and with clandestine contacts in high places, these Hindu death worshipers have an agenda of serious destruction, backed by three stolen nuclear warheads from Pakistan. Mack Bolan heads a covert U.S. probe to the subcontinent and uncovers a situation that borders on the supernatural: an army of invisible soldiers who kill swiftly and silently, at once unstoppable and unseen. But Bolan deals with facts, not fiction and the high-tech secrets behind the mysterious cult of killers lead to a hard-core shakedown in the heart of Calcutta, where true evil awaits…

Ashton Ford 001 Ashes To Ashes

Ashton Ford 002 Eye To Eye

Ashton Ford 004 Life To Life

Executioner 207 Freedom Strike

Executioner 218 End Game

Executioner 227 Blood Circle

Executioner 306 Mercy Mission

Executioner 307 Hard Persuit

Executioner 308 Into Fire

Executioner 309 Flames Of Fury

Executioner 310 Killing Heat

Executioner 311 Night Of Knives

Executioner 319 Entry Point

Executioner 321 Suicide Highway

Executioner 322 Time Bomb

Joe Copp 01 Copp for Hire

Joe Copp 02 Copp On Fire

Joe Copp 03 Copp In Deep

Joe Copp 04 Copp In The Dark

Joe Copp 05 Copp On Ice

Joe Copp 06 Copp In Shock

Stony Man 001 Stony Man I

Stony Man 002 Stony Man II

Stony Man 003 Stony Man III

Stony Man 004 Stony Man IV

Stony Man 005 Stony Man V

Stony Man 006 Stony Man VI

Stony Man 007 Stony Man VII

Stony Man 039 Breach Of Trust

Stony Man 040 Betrayal

Stony Man 041 Silent Invader

Stony Man 042 Edge Of Night – Fall Of The West Book1

Stony Man 043 Zero Hour – Fall Of The West Book2

Stony Man 044 Thirst For Power

Stony Man 045 Star Venture

Stony Man 046 Hostile Instinct

Stony Man 047 Command Force

Stony Man 048 Conflict Imparative

Stony Man 068 Ocean Of Fire

Stony Man 069 Day Of Decision

Stony Man 070 Ramrod Intercept

Stony Man 071 Terms Of Control

Stony Man 072 Rolling Thunder

Stony Man 073 Cold Objective

Stony Man 074 The Cameleon Factor

Stony Man 075 Silent Arsenal

Stony Man 076 Gathering Storm

Stony Man 077 Full Blast

Stony Man 078 Maelstrom

Stony Man 079 Promise To Defend

Stony Man 080 Doomsday Conquest

Stony Man 081 Sky Hammer

Stony Man 082 Vanishing Point

Stony Man 083 Doom Prophecy

Stony Man 084 Sensor Sweep

Stony Man 085 Hell Dawn

Stony Man 086 Ocean Of Fire

Stony Man 087 Extreme Arsenal

Stony Man 088 Starfire

Stony Man 089 Neutron Force

Stony Man 090 Red Frost

Super Bolan 080 A Dying Evil

Super Bolan 081 Deep Treachery

Super Bolan 082 War Lord

Super Bolan 083 Sworn Enemies

Super Bolan 084 Dark Truth

Super Bolan 085 Breakaway

Super Bolan 086 Blood And Sand

Super Bolan 087 Caged

Super Bolan 088 Sleepers

Super Bolan 089 Strike And Retrieve

Super Bolan 090 Age Of War

Super Bolan 091 Line Of Control

Super Bolan 092 Breached

Super Bolan 093 Retaliation

Super Bolan 094 Pressure Point

Super Bolan 095 Silent Running

Super Bolan 096 Stolen Arrows

Super Bolan 097 Zero Option

Super Bolan 098 Predator Paradise

Super Bolan 099 Circle Of Deception

Super Bolan 100 Devil’s Bargain

Super Bolan 101 False Front

Super Bolan 102 Lethal Tribute

Super Bolan 103 Season Of Slaughter

Super Bolan 104 Point Of Betrayal

Super Bolan 105 Ballistic Force

Super Bolan 106 Renegade

Super Bolan 107 Survival Reflex

Super Bolan 108 Path To War


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