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[share_ebook] The Collection Of 54 Jack Higgins Novels

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share_ebook The Collection Of 54 Jack Higgins Novels
The Collection Of 54 Jack Higgins Novels
English | Publisher: Jack Higgins | ISBN: N/a | MP3 96Kbps | 7.83 GB

In bestseller Higgins’s exciting 17th Sean Dillon thriller (after A Darker Place), Russian prime minister Vladimir Putin is behind a plot to kill Dillon and other members of the British prime minister’s private intelligence army as payback for their being such a thorn in his side over the years. In London, Gen. Charles Ferguson, who’s just left a late-night meeting of Commonwealth ministers, is walking toward his car when it explodes, killing his driver. In New York City, Maj. Harry Miller, who’s in the U.S. to attend a U.N. meeting, goes for a stroll in Central Park, where he neatly turns the tables on a hired hit man. Extensive flashbacks explain how the attacks on each of the marked men evolved, with much space devoted to the chief assassin, Daniel Holley. Higgins provides a more cerebral story than usual, but he doesn’t stint on action. Though most of the plot threads tie up nicely, the ending makes clear that readers will be seeing Holley again.
D. Munro And J. Carter 01 Night Of The Fox
D. Munro And J. Carter 02 Cold Harbour
Liam Devlin 01 The Eagle Has Landed
Liam Devlin 02 Touch Of The Devil
Liam Devlin 03 Confessional
Liam Devlin 04 The Eagle Has Flown
Nick Miller 01 The Graveyard Shift
Nick Miller 02 Brought In Dead
Nick Miller 03 Hell Is Always Today
Novel 01 East Of Desolation
Novel 02 In The Hour Before Midnight
Novel 05 A Prayer For The Dying
Novel 07 Storm Warning
Novel 08 The Valhalla Exchange
Novel 09 Solo
Novel 10 Luciano’s Luck
Novel 11 Exocet
Novel 13 Memoirs of a Dance-Hall Romeo
Novel a04 Hell Is Too Crowded As Harry Patterson
Novel a06 Sheba As Harry Patterson
Novel a07 Pay The Devil As Harry Patterson
Novel a08 Dark Side Of The Island As Harry Patterson
Novel a11 Wrath Of The Lion As Harry Patterson
Novel a12 Passage By Night As Harry Patterson
Novel a13 The Iron Tiger As Harry Patterson
Novel a14 Candle For The Dead aka The Violent Enemy As Harry Patterson
Novel a15 A Game For Heroes As Harry Patterson
Novel a16 Toll For The Brave
Novel a20 To Catch A King As Harry Patterson
Paul Chavasse 01 The Testament Of Casper Schultz
Paul Chavasse 02 Year Of The Tiger
Paul Chavasse 03 The Keys Of Hell
Paul Chavasse 04 Midnight Never Comes
Paul Chavasse 05 The Dark Side Of The Street
Paul Chavasse 06 A Fine Night For Dying
Paul Chavasse 07 Day Of Judgement
Sean Dillon 01 Eye Of The Storm
Sean Dillon 02 Thunder Point
Sean Dillon 03 On Dangerous Ground
Sean Dillon 04 Angel Of Death
Sean Dillon 05 Drink With The Devil
Sean Dillon 07 The White House Connection
Sean Dillon 08 Day Of Reckoning
Sean Dillon 09 Edge Of Danger
Sean Dillon 10 Miudnight Runner
Sean Dillon 11 Bad Company
Sean Dillon 13 Without Mercy
Sean Dillon 14 The Killing Ground
Sean Dillon 15 Rough Justice
Sean Dillon 16 A Darker Place
Sean Dillon 17 Wolf At The Door
Sean Dillon 18 The Judas Gate
Simon Vaughn 01 The Dark Side Of The Street
Simon Vaughn 02 The Savage Day


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