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The Aerospace Dictionary (Repost)

ISBN: 0521841402

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The Aerospace Dictionary Repost

Bill Gunston , "The Aerospace Dictionary"
English | ISBN: 0521841402 | 2004 | PDF | 750 pages | 3 MB

The Cambridge Aerospace Dictionary is an authoritative and accessible reference useful to scholars and enthusiasts alike. This dictionary is an essential tool for people who must read and understand technical content regarding the aerospace industry and specific aircraft. The Cambridge Aerospace Dictionary is also an ideal reference for the engineering and physics student encountering a subject replete with technical jargon and acronyms. The Cambridge Aerospace Dictionary is based on three previous editions of the popular and definitive Janes Aerospace Dictionary by Bill Gunston, OBE, FRaes. For this new edition, Gunston, one of the most widely read and respected aviation writers of all time, added over 15,000 new terms, mostly acronyms, in this carefully updated volume. Terms used in the dictionary reflect the diverse and international nature of the aerospace industry. Also included are brief explanations of aerospace materials and organizations. Terms specific to manufacturers, airlines, and armed forces are avoided.

'If your job is in aerospace then this will be a useful reference for all sorts of words and weird combinations of letters (including Greek symbology, phonetic alphabets, etc). An indication of an expanding subject is that this updated work incorporates more than 1,500 new terms …'. Aviation News

'As an aviation writer and editor, one book I always keep within arm's reach is Bill Gunston's Jane's Aerospace Dictionary … can help us find our way through the morass. It is evidently going [to] be ever bit as priceless as its predecessor to those who wrestle daily with the language of aerospace.' Aeroplane

'This long-overdue update, based on three previous editions of the popular and definitive Jane's Aerospace Dictionary, includes more than 15,000 new terms, mostly acronyms. It is an essential reference book for those who need to read and understand aerospace related technical documents, with their ever-increasing technical jargon and acronyms … Highly recommended.' Air International

'… may find a readership amongst those who get infuriated by having to wade through the acronym soup that pervades so many aerospace publications.' Journal of Fluid Mechanics


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