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Psychology of Classroom Learning: An Encyclopedia

ISBN: 0028661672

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Psychology of Classroom Learning An Encyclopedia

Eric M. Anderman, Lynley H. Anderman - Psychology of Classroom Learning: An Encyclopedia
Published: 2008-08-29 | ISBN: 0028661672, 0028661702 | PDF | 1047 pages | 15 MB

Children and adolescents spend much of their time in school environments. Indeed, the school social context has profound influences on children’s and adolescents’ psychological, academic, social, and physical development. When one considers that most students attend school for 180 days per year and spend at least six to seven hours per day at school for over a decade, the potential influence of the school environment on educational, developmental and personal outcomes becomes quite profound.
Teachers of course play an extremely important role in children’s and adolescents’ development. Students spend almost all of their in-school time in the presence of teachers. The daily practices that teachers use in their classrooms have important and enduring effects on students’ self-perceptions, their understanding of their world, their identities, and their professional plans for the future.
In many teacher education programs, educators are required to take one course in Educational Psychology. That course typically covers theories of learning, theories of motivation, cognitive and social development, assessment, and behavior management. Consequently, a huge amount of material is covered in a brief period of time. In addition, these courses often are offered and required at the beginning stages of teacher education programs, or even prior to acceptance into a teacher education program. Thus for many teachers in training, the role of psychology in the classroom is taught early in the teacher preparation program, before students have a chance to spend time in classrooms and apply these important principles in actual schools. Oftentimes, students are taught all of the theory, but not the implications of that theory for practice.

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