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[request_ebook] tell me your dreams

作者: shidney sheldon

日期: 1998

ISBN: 0-446-60720-7

标签: 侦探小说

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  • Author: shidney sheldon
  • Publish Date: 1998

Tell Me Your Dreams is a 1998 novel by the American writer Sidney Sheldon.


The central character of the book is Ashley. She is a workaholic. She suffers from a condition known as "Multiple Personality Disorder" or MPD (presently known as Dissociative Identity Disorder) due to the child abuse she faced when she was very young. Toni and Alette are her two "other" personalities. Toni is the dominant of the two.
Characters involved are

Ashley Patterson
Alette Peters
Toni Prescott(Dominant)

Ashley is an introvert and a workaholic. Toni is very outgoing and dynamic. She can sing and dance. Alette is a very innocent and shy girl. She is an excellent painter.

Toni is angry with Ashley as they are completely contrasting characters. She always criticizes her in front of Alette. Alette keeps calming Toni down every time. Toni hates Ashley. Allete is neutral. But Toni and Alette are friends.

Ashley's fears that somebody is following her are confirmed when somebody breaks into her house and writes on her looking glass with a lipstick, "You will die." She wants the police to escort her that night. The next morning, the police officer who is her escort is found dead in her apartment. Two murders precede this, which are not to be mentioned here. The vaginal secretions obtained are found to be of the same woman in all these murders. The lovers of Toni as well as Alette are murdered. One common thing all the murders have is the victims had sex before the murder with the woman who murdered them. Who's behind the serial murders?

This book delves into the much debated topic of multiple personality disorder or MPD.


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